HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - Additional MEt Features

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Additional MEt Features

With MEt, font data can also be compressed. All downloaded bitmap
characters and characters scaled from internal or downloaded
scalable outlines can be compressed. The amount of memory
savings varies with the size of the characters involved (larger is
better) but character sizes can typically be cut in half. This allows
roughly twice as many fonts to be downloaded or scaled using a
MEt-enhanced LaserJet printer as previously allowed on printers
without MEt.

In prior PCL 5 printers, if the page could not be rendered as fast as
the laser printed it, a Print Overrun error occurred unless page
protection was manually turned on and memory was added to
accommodate it. With MEt, the manual setting of Page Protection and
the additional memory required to facilitate it is obsolete. MEt
automatically assesses the complexity of the page being printed and
if too complex turns on a new form of page protection which uses
compression to remove the requirement for additional memory.

In rare circumstances MEt's assessment of the page may prove to be
incorrect. For these cases there is some amount of control over this
Page Protection process depending upon which MEt-equipped printer
is being used. Page Protection may be explicitly turned on or off to
avoid the complexity assessment and either always or never perform
the page protection process. See the appropriate user manual for

MEt also includes other internal memory-saving techniques which
improve the amount of memory required for the printer's internal
representation of your page.