HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - New PCL 5 Commands

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New PCL 5 Commands

The Finish Mode command allows the user to specify the finish, matte
or glossy, to be applied to the document. A normal page has a matte
finish. Glossy finish can be requested to be applied to the page as it is
printed. The finish is distinct from the type of media. Therefore, a
matte finish can be requested for glossy media, and a glossy finish
can be requested for plain or matte paper.



The finish mode must be set before the first page is marked and
applies to all the pages in the document. Each document defaults to a
matte finish.

# =


- Matte finish


- Glossy finish


= 0


= 0, 1 (command is ignored for invalid values)

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2-118 Printer-Specific Differences