HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - AppleTalk Configuration Command

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AppleTalk Configuration Command

As discussed in the HP LaserJet 4 section of this chapter, the
AppleTalk Configuration command allows a user to send PCL jobs to
the printer over AppleTalk. In addition to the key values previously
discussed (RENAME, TYPE, and JOB), the HP Color LaserJet printer
also supports the ZONE key value as follows.


ZONE changes the zone field of the printer’s AppleTalk Network
Identifier (Name Binding Protocol type field).



Valid characters for the zone name include 0-255 except for
characters $00, “@” ($40), “:” ($3A), “*” ($2A), “=” ($3D), $C5, and
($FF). The zone name must contain at least one character, and only
the first 31 characters are used. If the zone is invalid, then the
printer's zone is not changed. Zone changes only occur after the
present job has completed.




PC (Pen Color—HP-GL/2)


Changes the pen color in a palette created by the IN or CID
command (



Push/Pop Palette


Pushes or pops the palette from the palette stack.

Raster Scaling


Several commands are added for raster scaling:
Destination Raster Width (


*t#H), Destination Raster

Height (


*t#V); also, two parameters are added to the

Start Raster Graphics command to initiate scaling (





*r3A). (See the PCL 5 Color Technical Reference

Manual for more information.)

Render Algorithm


Selects the algorithm to be used for rendering page
marking entities on a given page.

Select Palette by ID


Activates a palette with the specified ID number.

Set Viewing Illuminant


Specifies the relative white point used in the determination
of a viewing illuminant condition.

Simple Color


Specifies an unmodifiable fixed-size palette.

Transfer Raster Graphics
(by plane)


Provides a means to send raster data by color plane. This
command sends a plane of raster data to the printer and
advances to the next plane.

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