HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - Enter HP-GL/2 Mode Command

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Enter HP-GL/2 Mode Command

The Enter HP-GL/2 Mode command causes the printer to interpret
data as HP-GL/2 commands instead of PCL commands. Three new
parameters are added: one enables stand-alone plotter mode


%-1B), and the other two affect the coordinate system and pen

position when switching into HP-GL/2 (


%2B and





HP-GL/2 mode remains in effect until a Start Raster command


*r#A), Reset (


E), UEL command (


%-12345X), or power-on.

In stand-alone plotter mode (


%–1B), only a single context can be

used (HP-GL/2 and PCL cannot be merged on the same page).

A value field of 1 or 3 sets the HP-GL/2 pen position and the label
carriage return point to the current PCL CAP. A value field of 2 or 3
transfers the current PCL dot coordinate system, including the PCL
origin and axes; the coordinate system thus established is
independent of the positions of P1 and P2.

This command cannot be executed from display functions mode or
within a binary data transfer. HP-GL/2 ignores this command.

# = –1

- Stand-alone plotter mode (single context)


- Use previous HP-GL/2 pen position


- Use current PCL CAP


- Use current PCL dot coordinate system and old

HP-GL/2 pen position


- Use PCL dot coordinate system and the current PCL



= 0


= –1 to 3

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