HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - Negative Motion Command

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Negative Motion Command

The Negative Motion command specifies whether negative motion
will be used, thus determining whether the full page must be buffered
before printing can begin.



If the page contains no negative motion, using the


&a1N command

increases print speed.

Negative motion includes:

• Vertical motion toward the top of the page

• HP-GL/2 operations

• Print directions other than 0 degrees

• Landscape text

• When the top of the character cell on the next line is above the

top of the character cell on the current line

The default value of 0 delays printing until all the processing of input
data for a page is complete. This is for software that needs to
compose the data before printing.

A value of 1 allows data to be printed as received, rather than first
stored in a buffer. Otherwise, printing will be delayed until all
processing of input data is complete.


This command must be sent before any printable data is received by
the printer.

# =


- Picture contains negative motion (page formatting



- Picture contains no negative motion (swath printers)


= 0


= 0, 1

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