HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - Updated Features

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Updated Features

Printers with a “B” or “C” revision code, indicated by the third digit in
the serial number, have the following additional new features. (Print
the self-test to see the serial number.)

Two-Byte Fonts. Provides support for two-byte (large) fonts

with more than 256 characters. Two-byte fonts support such
large symbol set mappings as Unicode, Shift-JIS, JIS208, and
Big5. Two-byte fonts are compatible with current PCL data

Frame Buffer/MEt Architecture. Provides MEt (Memory

Enhancement technology), which overcomes memory
contention problems. Drivers can use the PJL SET command
put the printer into a page protect mode that reserves the
memory equivalent of a complete full-color frame buffer for the
current page size. Page protect mode reserves printer memory
blocks large enough to represent cyan, magenta, and yellow
(CMY) bitmaps for an entire page of the currently selected

Noise Dither. Two new halftone render algorithms (noise

dither and monochrome noise dither) have been added.

Arbitrary Dither Matrix Sizes. The printer now allows the full

16-bit range for downloaded dither matrix height and width



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2-86 Printer-Specific Differences