HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - New Font Format Header Segments

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New Font Format Header Segments

For the HP LaserJet 4PJ printer, Font Header Format 15 has been
extended to include optional data segments for supporting galley
characters, typeface strings, and character enhancements. Font
Format 16 supports these segments plus optional segments for
supporting vertical substitution and a vertical rotation offset.
(Segmented Font Data is described beginning on page 11-45 of the
PCL 5 Printer Language Technical Reference Manual.)

Galley Character Segment

If an application requests a character that does not exist within the
current font, the printer checks the Galley Character Segment for a
substitute character to print.

Vertical Substitution Character Segment

The Vertical Substitution Character Segment is used to identify
vertical substitute glyphs for characters which change their
appearance, orientation, or positioning when written vertically.

Typeface String Segment

The Typeface String Segment allows names of permanent
downloaded fonts to be displayed, using non-Latin characters, in the
appropriate typeface on the Typeface List.

Vertical Rotation Segment

When the character text path direction is set to vertical rotation,
full-width characters are rotated counter-clockwise 90°. The Vertical
Rotation Segment sets the point around which the character rotates,
so that character alignment is compatible with the way Windows 3.1J
rotates characters.

Character Enhancement Segment

The HP LaserJet 4PJ printer can apply pseudo-bold and pseudo-italic
enhancements to MS Mincho, MS Gothic, and certain downloaded
TrueType fonts. This segment is used to indicate that a particular
downloaded font is able to have these character enhancements

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2-36 Printer-Specific Differences


Table 2-5. Printer Segment Support for Font Format 16