HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - HP LaserJet 5L Printer

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HP LaserJet 5L Printer

The HP LaserJet 5L printer, introduced in September 1995, is much
different in appearance than the LaserJet 4L printer, but it has a very
similar feature set, including the same set of 26 internal typefaces.
One of the main differences is that the LaserJet 5L printer offers
600 dpi printing. Although both printers have a print engine speed of
4 pages per minute, the LaserJet 5L printer has faster processing
which increases performance. As the LaserJet 4L printer, the printer
has a reduced-function control panel.

The HP LaserJet 5L printer has a vertical design and supports all
paper sizes supported by the LaserJet 4L printer. In addition, the
“custom” paper size is supported through the printer driver.

The default symbol set is PC-8 instead of Roman-8.

Manual feed operation is slightly different for the HP LaserJet 5L
printer. When manual feed is selected, the printer pauses and waits
for the user to insert the correct media into the printer (either in the
paper input bin or the single sheet input slot) and press the control
panel key.

PCL and PJL operation is almost identical to that of the
HP LaserJet 4L printer. Two differences are that the LaserJet 5L
printer adds support for the logical operations and pixel placement
commands. These features are described in this chapter in the
LaserJet 4ML section. (Refer to Table 1-1, HP LaserJet Printer
Feature Comparison, for the specific PCL implementation.)

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2-74 Printer-Specific Differences