HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - HP LaserJet 8000 Series Printers

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HP LaserJet 8000 Series Printers

The HP LaserJet 8000 is a 24-ppm printer with 600 dpi support in
PCL 5 (the printer offers 1200 dpi in PCL 6). It has built-in mopy
capability, which is enabled when at least 16 Mb of memory or a disk
drive are installed.

The LaserJet 8000 series printers are direct replacements for the
LaserJet 5Si, LaserJet 5SiMx, and LaserJet 5Si Mopier printers. They
support the same PCL 5 commands and options, except as described

The LaserJet 8000 series printers use the same PCL 5
implementation as found in the LaserJet 4000 series, and support
exactly the same PCL 5 and HP-GL/2 commands as the
LaserJet 4000 series. They support the same options to the PCL 5
command set, with the exceptions listed below.

Selecting Paper Source

The HP LaserJet 8000 series printers support the same option set as
the LaserJet 5Si printer. This is a superset of what the LaserJet 4000
series supports.

Page Size

The LaserJet 8000 series printers do not support ledger, A3, or
JIS B4 paper. It does support A5 paper, which the 5Si did not support.

Advance Full Page HP-GL/2 Command

The LaserJet 8000 series supports the HP-GL/2 Advance Full Page
command (PG). The LaserJet 5Si printer does not support this

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2-110 Printer-Specific Differences