HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - HP LaserJet III and IIID Printers

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HP LaserJet III and IIID Printers

With the introduction of the HP LaserJet III printer, Hewlett-Packard
introduced the PCL 5 printer language. The PCL 5 printer language
incorporated many new features over the PCL 4 language. A few of
the more significant features included such things as the addition of a
scalable font technology, HP-GL/2 vector graphics language support,
print model features, raster graphics enhancements, and the Print
Direction command.

The HP LaserJet IIID printer language support is basically identical to
the HP LaserJet III printer except for the addition of the duplex
feature, dual input bin, envelope feeder support and their associated
commands (see Table 1-1).

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2-2 Printer-Specific Differences