HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - HP LaserJet 4L Printer

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HP LaserJet 4L Printer

The HP LaserJet 4L printer is a smaller, low-cost HP LaserJet printer.
The control panel on this printer is limited to one button with four
indicators. Many of the control panel functions must be controlled
programmatically using Hewlett-Packard’s Printer Job Language
(refer to the Printer Job Language Technical Reference Manual, part
number 5021-0380 for detailed PJL information).

The HP LaserJet 4L printer PCL command features are identical to
those of the HP LaserJet 4 printer PCL features, except for some
differences in parameter values (such as for paper source—refer to
Table 1-1). Additional features which do not require PCL command
control include EconoMode and HP Memory Enhancement
technology (MEt). EconoMode causes the printer to print less dots,
thus saving toner. Memory Enhancement technology involves some
memory saving techniques to better utilize available memory (refer to
Chapter 5, “Memory Usage” for additional information).

Typefaces in the HP LaserJet 4L printer are different from those of the
HP LaserJet 4 printer. The HP LaserJet 4 printer contains both
Intellifont and TrueType scaling technologies, but the 4L contains only
Intellifont scaling technology. Thus, the 4L does not contain any of the
TrueType typefaces, with one modification. The TrueType Wingdings
typeface has been converted to Intellifont format and is available in
the printer as an Intellifont typeface (refer to Chapter 3, “Internal
Typefaces/Fonts and Symbol Sets” for additional information). The
Line Printer bitmap font is not present on the HP LaserJet 4L printer.

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2-12 Printer-Specific Differences