HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - Pixel Placement Command (HP-GL/2)

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Pixel Placement Command (HP-GL/2)

The Pixel Placement (PP) command controls how pixels are placed
on the layout grid during polygon fills. Two pixel placement modes are
grid intersection or grid centered.

PP [mode] ;

Pixel Placement Command (HP-GL/2)


The command is the HP-GL/2 version of the PCL Pixel Placement
command. Whatever mode is selected, using the HP-GL/2 PP
command also applies to PCL operation. Likewise the PCL Pixel
Placement command also affects HP-GL/2 pixel placement.


Microsoft Windows fills polygons based on grid centered method.

This command determines how pixels will be placed for both HP-GL/2
and PCL operation.

The PP command is not defaulted by an IN command.

Parameter Format


Range Default


clamped integer

0 or 1

0 (grid intersection)

0 = grid intersection; device draws pixels centered at grid

intersections (see Figure 2-1).

1 = grid centered; device draws pixels centered inside the boxes

created by the grid (see Figure 2-1).

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