HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series - HP LaserJet 4V and 4MV Printers

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HP LaserJet 4V and 4MV Printers

HP LaserJet 4V and 4MV printers print at speeds up to 16 pages per
minute and handle many paper sizes including 11"x17" paper. The
HP LaserJet 4MV is the multi-platform (PostScript) version of the
HP LaserJet 4V printer.

The HP LaserJet 4V/4MV PCL 5 feature set is similar to that of the
HP LaserJet 4 Plus/4M Plus printers, with the addition of wide format
media support. As an option, the printer can also support Japanese
printing as does the HP LaserJet 4PJ printer, including the following
PCL enhancements:

• Font header support for large bitmap fonts

• Text parsing method

• Character text path direction

• Japanese media/postcard support

• Japanese fonts (large fonts)

As with HP LaserJet 4Plus and 4M Plus printers, the LaserJet 4V and
4MV printers support the following added features which are not
controlled using PCL:

• Memory Enhancement technology (MEt)

• Resource saving

• EconoMode

• Powersave mode

Refer to Table 1-1, the PCL Feature Support Matrix, for the
commands these printers support, and to Chapter 3, “Internal
Typefaces/Fonts and Symbol Sets,” for font support information.

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2-62 Printer-Specific Differences